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​Inspections/ Repairs/ Installations
Inspections: Inspect each zone- Evaluate system efficiency- Test rain and freeze sensor- Inspect for leaks- Inspect all heads- Adjust heads if needed- Look for coverage issues- Report on all repairs- Quote on repairs needed- Set controller schedule. $75

Repairs: We are Licensed and experienced to repair any irrigation problem.Typical repairs are head replacements, valve replacements, wifi controllers, leaks, re-routes, system upgrades, irrigation audits, and more. Our irrigators have many years of experience and expertise to repair any problem you may have. We only use the best irrigation parts offered to ensure durability. 

Installations: We use the best products known to irrigation to ensure that your new sprinkler system is efficient and reliable. Sprinkler installations before being started have to be approved by your city inspector, Upon approval we do the installation, once we're complete the city will do their final inspections. The process can take up to 2 weeks to be complete. Due to the lengthy process we only do Installations in the months between October-February. This is an advantage to the homeowner due to our great discounts offered in those months.
It is our responsibility to follow all city and TCEQ requirements and guidelines with every irrigation system. It is also the homeowners responsibilty to make sure they hire a Licensed Irrigator or Irrigator Tech.
​Drip for foundation
Adding drip lines to your foundation is a small upgrade to the house that ensures long life to your foundation. Drip lines will save you from expensive foundation repairs, ugly cracks, and wire problems. Drip isn't a very expensive luxury to have. Recently drip lines have been catching the eye of Texas residents because of the dry conditions we have. In addition drip lines are not regulated by most cities so when the heat is on it is OK to keep your drip line running to protect your houses foundation.